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During a Sunday service in 2018, Pastor Bill felt led to ask if there were any current Entrepreneurs--or those who want to be an Entrepreneur--in the congregation. To his surprise, about 50 percent of those in attendance raised their hand. Pastor Bill called upon a member, Rob Kopp, to pray over them. “At this time, The Lord spoke to me and said it was my responsibility to raise up ethical Christian business owners and to have them serve as a resource to one another.” 

This Sunday encounter drove Pastor Bill to form a steering committee who would join him to take this calling and turn it into a viable ministry and outreach. Pastor Bill combined forces with Chaz Freutel (Executive Director), Rob Kopp (Treasurer), and Doug Freutel (Secretary) to launch NOBLE Foundation Group as a 501c3 in August of 2021. NOBLE (Network Of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs) serves aspiring Owners, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who want to start, launch and grow their enterprises and develop into dynamic Christian Business Owners & Leaders. 


At the helm of Noble, stand visionary leaders whose entrepreneurial spirit is not only guided by business acumen but also by a profound commitment to values rooted in faith and community. As owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, they embody a unique fusion of corporate expertise and spiritual conviction. Committed to integrating the principles of the Kingdom of God into their enterprises, they envision businesses as instruments for positive change and transformation. Their dedication extends beyond profit margins, as they actively seek to empower local ministries in supporting and uplifting their communities. With a steadfast belief in the power of collaboration and compassion, the founders of Noble are not just shaping industries; they are cultivating a legacy of purpose-driven leadership that echoes their profound commitment to both business excellence and social impact.


Rob Kopp


Founder, Business Development Advisor, Board member and Strategist. Former president and chief operating officer, Metro Data Center LLC.

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Doug Freutel


Visionary at Radiant Technologies, a Strategic Philosopher, Executive Coach, and Executive Bourbon Steward.

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Chaz Freutel

Executive Director

Co-Founder, Launched 8 businesses including Get-U-Connected providing business consulting, Director of the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center and Marysville Entrepreneurial Center, and Partner at We Buy Cars America.

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Apostle Bill Themelaras


Senior Leader of Oasis City Church in Columbus, OH and Covenant Church of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. Visionary, Speaker, Organizational Leader, and Author.

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National Leadership Team

Location Leaders

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